Global Textile provides a market for garments such as: jackets, shirts, pants, down jackets, outdoor wear, belts, clothing accessories among many others. Our services are ready to assist and accommodate retailers and department stores at all times. We as a company aim to build a global network of manufacturing branches that will allow us to expand and continue bringing only the best quality to all of our customers. Whether is the customization of your own personal garment designs or the sourcing and manufacturing of your products. Global Textile has the ability and resources to do it all.

Our strict quality control regulations in all of our production facilities can ensure our customers that all their orders and products will be handled to the utmost of care. With many years of experience and an impressive portfolio to prove it. Global Textile is here to accommodate all our customers’ specific needs. We offer our services Worldwide with current operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi, Shang Hai and many others.
Our manufacturing team can take your ideas from paper to our production line and do it in lockstep with your own scheduling demands. That way, you are never waiting on an order – and more importantly, neither are your clients.

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